Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) — Workplace Inclusion Accelerator


There are public relations groups in corporate workplaces and we have always heard what they deliver, what we need to hear and believe. Organizations have all come out in the last year (or maybe it just “feels” like a coming out of ALL companies) on their stands on Diversity and Social Justice. There is a lot of talks, what is needed is an ongoing measure of inclusion impacts. Diversity can be easily measured although if we are honest there is not a lot of transparency with diversity demographic numbers not because we can't measure but the numbers are pretty bad and there is a lot of ways to explain it away. Diversity can be flaunted externally — loudly.

Inclusion however is more difficult to measure. That's where employee resource groups (ERGs)come in. The ERGs are grassroots groups within organizations that are made up of employees across multiple functions who have a passion for inclusion and advocating for different dimensions of excluded groups. There is an intersectional aspect of this and we can't lump all employees together under employee relations. ERGS are a great inclusion tool for organizations to accelerate inclusion and get employees to get the ultimate feeling of belonging built into their every day at work -this is what we need to create inclusion. Inclusion looks different for every group but the outcome is the ability to bring every aspect of our individual dimensions to deliver the best results in our day-to-day operations.

Where is your organization on the Inclusion journey? Each organization would be different in the approach but if you don't have an actual feedback mechanism from the multiple diverse dimensions of your employees there is the tendency to adopt the “latest fad” in workplace solutions.

Leaders cannot be experts in all dimensions of diversity, actually, no one person can. However, as the ultimate decision-makers, establishing a systemic process to really “listen” through employee resource groups #ERG the management and leadership team can truly put money and action behind the words to build workplace inclusion. Let's build Inclusion loudly -Internally through the power of the right internal networks.

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Lola Adeyemo - I Write to Inspire and Motivate!

Lola Adeyemo - I Write to Inspire and Motivate!


Inclusion Advocate & Solution Provider. Writer. Storyteller. Provide strategies for improving engagement and building an inclusive culture